You got to see this to believe it and then ask yourself: Why is Del Bigtree’s nose so big? Del BigNose. Snort? 1 + 1 = 2
A video worth watching! Why does RFK Jr. of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Del Bigtree of ICAN wildly promote the fraud of the unproven Virus Theory over the proven truth of Terrain Theory? Perhaps because they would lose all of their pharmaceutical funding and be exposed as the frauds?
“I would think when you have a child with autism,or on the spectrum you have no reference point…I don’t want this to sound wrong, but it’s a little bit more like…having a dog or a Doberman or something that you don’t understand how it thinks… Or you hear stories of people that bring home an exotic chimpanzee…” -Del Bigtree
Are Del Matthew Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and their non-profits and charities committing non-profit and charity fraud? Some think so.

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