Its All Fake – Puerto Rico: Eugenics and Fake Revolution


Puerto Rico: Eugenics and Fake Revolution
Puerto Rico is a open air medical experiment

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Porto Ricochet Scandal

Two elite American doctors that jump started the Birth Control Pill and Vaccination agenda used Puerto Rico as a petri dish. The copy of a letter that led to revolution was a plant.


Simon Flexner had to cover for his buddy C Rhodes after it was leaked to the press about their operation in PR. It was reported in the international press a racist letter was found in the trash and said the following:

”I can get a damn fine job here and am tempted to take it. It would be ideal except for the Porto Ricans. They are beyond doubt the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere. It makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them. They are even lower than Italians. What the island needs is not public health work but a tidal wave or something to totally exterminate the population. It might then be livable. I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off 8 and transplanting cancer into several more. The latter has not resulted in any fatalities so far … The matter of consideration for the patients’ welfare plays no role here – in fact all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects.

The letter was found in the trash by the night cleaners who passed to the Nationalist presidential candidate, who intended to use it as a weapon in a political battlefield. He then passed it to the local media, who printed it with Spanish translations, the letter was passed all around the world like overnight. the early forerunner to going viral. Every case you see where something goes viral is the same today as it was since forever. All politics are scripted WrestleMania and the media exists as a psychological warfare machine only.

I don’t think so.

As to be expected the TIME article omits several sentences, like the end that mentions transplanting cancer into several patients. I’m sure it was omitted just to save page space. I got this copy from the Ministry of Truth and it also has the three little dots that mean something is being erased.

The new ending looks like it was added anyway, sure he was an evil mad scientist but they don’t really talk like the comic books. This sentence gives the whole letter away. The original intent for exposing the letter was political, it was propaganda against the entire Yanqui government, this was the Nationalist party. He was trying to scare monger the people away.

Without looking at the reasons I’m gonna say the number 8 is a lie. It is either way higher or it might even be zero. Its just there to serve as a marker.

The rest of the article from the beginning is just inflammatory propaganda, to portray the targets true feelings which everyone already knows anyway without having to be told, now its right on the table you have been right all along. Not only that but it’s worse than you thought, he is already trying to kill you all. Him and all his buddies are in on it too.

The target for this propaganda was almost totally illiterate and lived a near stone age way of life. Basic sanitation if that; they were kept sick so that Big Pharm could do their tests. Just like everywhere else for that matter.

  • Once the copies were passed around by the time the dust settled even the Pope is said to have received a copy, doubtful but its an opportunity for a name drop, surely the pope knew about the guinea pig trials going on in PR but he is on the same side.
  • The investigating committee included the Rockefeller Institution, along with all the local fractal patterns, medical and political, meaning they were investigating themselves and came to the conclusions that they did nothing wrong. Anyone else see a problem with that logic?
  • It immediately had a cute little nickname in the media, “Puerto Ricochet”, anything with a cute little nickname is an inside job. Promise.
  • Cover-story writers, like TIME for example where the story made headlines, say the poor doctor had his car broken into immediately beforehand and he was on his way to donate blood to the locals anemics. Dozens testified he saved their live bc he personally gave his own blood. LOL, GTFOH, anytime they say that, they are lying. Promise.
  • The fact it was printed in TIME is enough to out the letter as a fraudulent doc all by itself. TIME is in the same brackets as Nat Geo, Atlantic Monthly, Harpers Weekly, McClure’s…

Peter A. Campos

The biggest piece is the controlled-opposition leader, the Nationalist Party leader was Campos. Camp is an Old family name, this was a satellite branch they have just for this reason. Mr Campos attended the elite high school for whites where he was awarded a scholarship to Vermont. Soon thereafter he transferred to Harvard. Yep, Campos was a Harvard law grad. During his Harvard days he spent his time defending the Irish revolutionaries of the day.

*The Easter Rebellion of 1916 was where Pedro got started for his own independence revolution, he either helped write the script or participated in some legalese moskery. He was Harvard Law. See Also the Irish Revolution of 1798 (the year close to the Reset)

During WW! He joined the military and was sent to organize the Puerto Rican army. The army was segregated still so he had to serve with the African American troops even though officers were classified as White. Take that however you want it, the whole PR experience has been built on racism, but I’m sure you don’t yet fully appreciate the role of the Colored Troops during the segregated wars. They are the ones that did all false-flag missions like the discoveries at Jamestown fort and the nonexistent Indian Wars and the Civil War proxy missions; it is not surprising he went with the Blacks. After the war he finished his Harvard education where he was helping the Irish in one of their struggles. Afterward he goes back to PR and starts up some radicalist activity based on his animosity built up from experiencing the racism in the army. That’s what inspired him to lead the Nationalist Party in Porto Rico against the Rockefellers and Military occupation.

He responded with this:

The mercantile monopoly is backed by the financial monopoly … The United States have mortgaged the country to their own financial interests. The military intervention destroyed agriculture. It changed the country into a huge sugar plantation … “Evidently, submissive people coming under the North American empire, under the shadow of its flag, are taken ill and die. The facts confirm absolutely a system of extermination.” He went on, “It [the Rockefeller Foundation] has in fact been working out a plan to exterminate our people by inoculating patients unfortunate enough to go to them with virus of incurable diseases such as cancer.

If he was so hot after the war he would not have continued his education. Harvard is where he was recruited and the war is where he was trained to be a radical activist. He was a trained oppositional leader. He eventually ends up going to jail for 26 years but thats bullshit too bc 26 is just another number mark like 8 was. His jail time was spent on assignment somewhere undercover, history knows him by a different face. Or maybe he was killed and they had to do away with his character real quick so they sent him too prison. Way on down the line they send out a look-a-like to play him that was finally released, some kinda Nelson Mandela story. Whatever the case nobody ever went to prison.

The worst part is bc its a propaganda piece its hard to tell whats real or not, the best type of successful propaganda contains mostly truth.They really were inflicting cancer on the people. They really did enjoy tormenting them. They really are working to exterminate everyone. I also thinks its true he said the cancer carriers hadn’t died yet. Another Rockefeller researcher from Harvard would come back to PR in the next generation, they had to work hard to induce transmission bc the foundation of the medicine is wrong. Germ Theory is a lie, of course they had to put tumors in a blender in inject it directly into a patient

As leader of the Nationalist party he could’ve done better. After the election flopped he lead a strike against the Railroad and power company for monopolizing the island. He also used his Harvard law contract to represent the sugar cane workers. I told you there was a reason he finished school. Have you read any of my essays on the Railroad and whose those people are. The railroad is literally its own entity and has some agents who act on its behalf, they are not gonna fuck with somebody that is not one of their own. If there ever was any potential threat they would be disposed of immediately and nobody would ever hear his name. There has never been a real threat. Truth is the only thing that threatens these people.

The sugar industry is the same way. You think the cotton fields of the Southern Plantations were bad? Try sugar cane fields on the Third World Caribbean Islands and the banana plantations. Whole islands were slave camps. There’s no escape. The sugar industry is tied to Haiti which is like a personal thing for me only because so many other things are tied to Haiti and the Dominican but they’re all little things that don’t really merit mentioning except thats theres so many of them there just has to be a good story there, like the national motto is the same as the French motto and with the Napoleon rebellion thing bc Napoleon isn’t even real youd think theyd change it but its also the motto of the French Scottish Rite Lodge as well and did you know it was a thing that the gov considered sending all the blacks to the Dominican Republic after the Civil War, our boy Sammy Howe lead the charge, remember the abolitionist from the fake slave rebellion of John Brown, in Harpers Ferry? and opened the spy ring disguised as a school for the blind that Helen Keller attended? yeah that guy tried to have all the newly freed Blacks sent to the DR. The D.R. and Haiti are the same Island, its just split in half by an invisible boundary line that derives its power from the same source that gives currency its value. This is compartmentalizations, the NWO love islands bc they are individual little compartments all to themselves. Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti/DR, Barbados, they are all one entity, the Banana Republic, it even has a cute little mocking nickname, you know how I feel about nicknames. The railroad runs all of it. History bullshit says all the plantations were planted to feed the laborers during the construction. no that’s bullshit, the railroads are ancient and have always been there. the bananas were planted to be slave farms, they are ancient as well. The institution of slavery is an ancient artifact all to its own. It has always been there, a fully developed system has always been established. Who do you think dug America out before the Repopulation? The Big Dig. African slaves were in America before Europeans, we didn’t bring them they were already here. The Chinese too, You know, that expression, “The Chinese built the Railroad”, they say that bc the railroad had always been here. At any point in time the immigrant orphans could say, Who built the Railroad? and the reply would be, “The Chinese did.”, because they were here the whole time too. I know I’m on to something there but Im still tossing it around. At any rate, I digress. Puerto Rico supposedly was annexed in 1898/99. One of the reasons for staging the Spanish American War by blowing up the USS Maine and blaming it on someone else was to provide a reason why America owns P.R. [and Philippines] Cant just say “Well it was kinda ours the whole time.” What about that, did you ever think about that?

We were talking about sugar cane slaves and the lawsuits handled by controlled op leader Campos. This ties him into the labor movement, Please read my Industrial Revolution thread before you go. P.R was behind the States., this was the mid 30’s, America already had the New Deal and labor had magically been reformed. The sugar monster would break up a little bit somewhat by the end of the 30’s but power never shifted.

The labor movement also connects to the eugenics program and medical/military industrial complex, women were coerced into sterilisation by the mill and factory owners.

In 1937, Puerto Rico enacted Law 116 (666), the last eugenics sterilization law passed under United States territorial jurisdiction. Soon after, a program endorsed by the U.S. government began sending health department officials to rural parts of the island advocating for sterilization. The Puerto Rican government fully supported this program, as it attributed overpopulation to the island’s high levels of poverty and unemployment. With the growth of American corporations on Puerto Rican soil and factory work, they also wanted to integrate women into the workforce more fully and child bearing was seen as an obstacle to that. In fact, sterilization efforts were so prevalent that they were integrated into women’s work lives. Family planning clinics could be found in factories that provided free sterilization thanks to a USAID grant.  Sterilization was so common that it was simply referred to as “la operación” (which means the operation. In 1982 the documentary “La Operación (link with subtitles, age restricted only available for view on yt) was made about this to expose and bring awareness to the reality. The doc was made by Anna Maria Garcia so this throws it right out the window; Garcia was one of the head lab techs in the birth control pill labs, they’re in the same family. Sure the documentary does bring to light some of the mistreatment but these are the voluntary ones, getting the Morning After pills direct from the factory, the movie does not talk about the experiments they did to people without telling them, who the true power lies with. Its a typical cover story, she says the girls took the pills and were misinformed about potential side effects. this is bullshit bc it says at least they took it of their own free will, that’s not true, and who knows what the true sterilization rate is? Another reason why P.R. is brought out into the spotlight is so all the other banana Republic islands are doing the same shit can continue without any beef… [The Philippines really got hit hard too, gotta add that to my draft list]

Between the 1930s and the 1970s, approximately one-third of the childbearing population of Puerto Rico was sterilized, making it highest rate of sterilization in the world. (This, by the way, is the same program under which Puerto Rican women also became the guinea pigs for U.S. pharmaceutical companies who were developing the modern birth control pill. It is said that birth control pills were made possible because of all the Puerto Rican women who were experimented on, without knowing that the side effects of the pills or safe dosages had not been figured out yet).

Since then, there have been many surveys and interviews done with women who had la operación, in which coercion and misinformation come up as common themes. The procedures were presented to women as free forms of reliable family planning, but many were never told that the procedure was irreversible and did not find out until later it was too late. The conditions under which many women were sterilized were also incredibly shady and deceitful.

Countless women have given accounts that involved: being asked to give consent while in the midst of an entirely different operation (like a kidney stone removal), while they were in pain and not entirely sure what they were consenting to; being asked to sign forms that were in English with a rushed explanation in Spanish that did not fully divulge the full nature of what they were signing; partners being able to give consent on their behalf without them knowing about it until afterwards; arriving to the hospital for something else and being told that if they did not consent to being sterilized, the medical attention they needed would not be given; and, in some cases, not recalling being asked at all–some of these cases include mothers who, after giving birth, had their tubes involuntarily tied because the doctors (without consulting either parent) felt that was the best decision. Some even gave testimonies of harassment— women who worked for the program would knock on their door on a weekly basis asking if they were ready to go though with the procedure; this happened even if someone said that they were not interested.

But wait, I thought this was the birth control thread, but he just said the method was ALSO used by the birth control companies. This is in 1937 and supposedly the sterilization drive being performed by the factory bosses on the workers to keep them from having time off to take care of family so they have more slave time. Sure Im sure its true this was part of it but they use this line bc the birth control trials are being done in secret at this point. Pill development had been going on since the beginning; history books say it was done by a quartet in one sitting in the 60’s but no no no. The sterilization drives of the 30’s were still testing without consent. That’s what the cover is.

Back to Campos, he defended some hi profile cases for the National Party. One included a judge relative of Hollywood jester B. Del Toro. A party member slapped the Del Toro judge and the case went to the Court of Appeals.

Campos had another scam selling bonds for Puerto Rico, redeemable after P.R. becomes autonomous, $200,000 worth. The fact it was set up on Wall Street makes it the funniest part, those guys are a fucking joke.

The U.S. paid no attention to Albizu until 1934, when he led an island-wide agricultural strike that raised the sugar cane workers’ wages from 45 cents to $1.50 per 12-hour day. This made the workers put him on a pedestal. Campos made the circuit, traveling around giving speeches so similar to those of Ettor and Giovannetti from the Bread and Roses Strike or Albert Parsons of Chicago. Campos is of the same archetype, just a Latin flavor but trained by the military and educated at Harvard.

This was all the US needed to beef up their firearms collection in P.R., the U.S. responded by appointing a new governor, Gen. Winship, who militarized the entire Insular Police force. The officers underwent Tommy gun training and were outfitted with submachine guns, tear gas, riot gear, and high-powered rifles and carbines.

Finally, their time to shine had arrived, on October 24, 1935, an army of Kinship’s policemen raided a student rally and killed four people, including the treasurer of the Nationalist Party – all in broad daylight, in front of witnesses. It became known as the Rio Piedras Massacre.

On October 29, 1935, when asked about the Rio Piedras Massacre at a press conference, the Chief of Police declared to the reporters that if Peter Albizu Campos continued his agitation:

“There will be war to the death against all Puerto Ricans.”

The newspapers all reported the Police Chief’s words, the very next day. The entire island was in an uproar. This is from the same school of propaganda as the the Rhodes letter. It is meant to openly affirm what they already know in their heart to be true. Negative energy generators trying to stir up some bad vibes.

On February 23, 1936, two Nationalists returned the favor, by killing Police Chief Riggs. No way, this was chiefs early retirement I betcha. The students may or may not have been killed by the cops, I haven’t looked at the names or backgrounds to have an educated guess, but def not the cops, and not the preceding political killings either

Feb 25 two Nationalist Party leaders are arrested for the revenge killing. The two Nationalists – Elias Beauchamp and Hiram Rosado – were taken to the San Juan police precinct, and executed in the precinct. I doubt very much that they were executed, Beauchamp is from a mostly academic line for example Tony Beauchamp has the Terrain theory with his name on the cover, and the namesake Hiram is the name of the Temple of Solomon architect, Hiram Abiff, also called the Widows Son, is adored in Freemasonry and the Mystery Schools. With that being said I don’t believe they were killed, more like reassigned. Know how I know? The student massacre happened on University campus, Universities are for recruiting and training purposes, the youth is always targeted, and 30,000 people attended the funeral.

The very next day, on February 26, the island newspapers showed full-page photos of the bloody clothes that had been recovered from the corpse of Elias Beauchamp. See, that’s the kind of shit that holds the whole carny scam together. A pic of some fake clothes. This is supposed to be evidence? It’s like that time they caught that super bad-guy and threw his corpse off the ship without ever showing the body… doesn’t anyone buy the Bin Laden death-hoax anyway?

A few days later, Campos was arrested and tried for conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government. On the day of the verdict (July 31, 1936) the jury delivered its verdict: ten years imprisonment for Albizu Campos. But that was only the beginning. From that day in 1936, Albizu lived another 29 years. 25 of those 29 years were spent in prison. (When the day is off by one or two to a symbolic date I still like to credit it anyway, July 31 would’ve shown up in the next days newspaper as Aug 1, 81.

hey even passed a special anti-speech law just for him – a few months after his release from prison on June 10, 1948, they passed Law 53, otherwise known as Law of the Muzzle. This law was nearly a word-for-word translation of the U.S. anti-Communist Smith Act, and it authorized police and FBI to stop anyone on the street and invade any Puerto Rican home.

It was a gag law. It prohibited the singing of a patriotic tune; or to own or display a Puerto Rican flag anywhere, even in one’s own home, no matter how large or small. It also prohibited any speech against the U.S. government or in favor of Puerto Rican independence; or to print, publish, sell or exhibit any material about independence; or to organize any society, group or assembly of people on behalf of independence.

The only hope would be to start a revolution, much like the Easter Rising of 1916 in Ireland, which would capture the world’s attention and persuade the United Nations that Puerto Rico was, in fact, a colony of the United States – and as the “leader of the free world,” the U.S. should not have any colonies.

Ponce Massacre March 21

Even when Campos was initially locked up he still ran the Nationalist Party. March 21 is confirmation events are staged a day early so the headlines will read on 322, the Skull and Bones number. The number isn’t used bc the S&B adopted it; the S&B adopted it for the same reason that we find it everywhere. Im saying they are not the source.

The photographer just happened to be at the spot when police opened fire, For some reason they allowed the cameraman to film the police shooting unarmed children in the back hiding in a church. Always the most extreme scenario possible.

So now we have a Psalm Sunday massacre while Campos is supposedly in solitary confinement. A parade was organized on his behalf in 1937. Even though a law was passed that excluded the need for permits for demonstrations in public spaces the Party obtained one anyway. This was all theatrics, foreshadowing.

I’ll explain why right now, as soon as the US gov Winslip found out about the march he ordered it suppressed by any and all means necessary. The Nationals applied for the permit just so Winslip could feign like he just found out and had no clue till then. The superior officer remember he had just been supplied with all the latest tactical urban assault gear, he equipped his outfit with the brand new tommy guns and tear gas to confront the marchers.

The National Party anthem was being played by a 5 piece band when the pigs lit em’ up. Police fired for over 15 minutes killing 20 injuring 200 more. Remember what I told you anytime there is singing the national anthem in the street, just run bc they gonna start shooting any second, happens every time.

One wounded marcher crawled to a wall where he wrote this is his own blood before dying, “Long Live the Republic. Down with the Murderers”. This is another element that repeats itself frequently. All the elements in the chapter are repeats, its like a B-rated movie with bad scriptwriters.

Our friends at the NYTimes give a different account. They say it was the Nationalists that start and only after they saw their fellow officers fall that they returned fire. New York Times and Washington Post reported that a Nationalist political revolt had claimed the lives of more than eighteen people.

Police used the cameraman to stage this photo of a cop playing dead and the others searching rooftops for snipers. Piggy propaganda declares the Nationalists killed the pig, the Nationalists say the pigs killed one of their own. I say there was no dead pig. The pose is the ‘1,000 yd stare’ or ‘Into the horizon’ (horizon is Horus) it means no dead pigs up in this bitch.

Senior US officials in P.R. demanded more Nationals be arrested, subsequently the prosecutor resigned for what he said was the inability to conduct a fair investigation. The investigation them gets passed off to the ACLU, the troop of political actors and their fake civil unrest that was started by celebrity actor lawyers and activists like Helen Keller.

According to Hays from the ACLU, the photograph clearly showed 18 armed policeman at the corner of Aurora and Marina streets, ready to fire upon a group of innocent bystanders. The image showed the white smoke in the barrel of a policeman’s revolver as he fired upon the unarmed people. The Hays Commission questioned why the policemen fired directly at the crowd, and not at the Nationalist Cadets.

In the aftermath of the massacre, no police officer was convicted or sentenced to jail. No police were demoted or suspended and Governor Winship never issued a public apology

The year following the Ponce massacre, on 25 July 1938, Governor Winship wanted to mark the anniversary of the US 1898 invasion of Puerto Rico with a military parade. He chose the city of Ponce to demonstrate that his “Law and Order” policy had been successful against the Nationalists. During the parade, shots were fired at the grandstand where Winship and his officials were sitting in an attempt to assassinate him. Winship escaped unharmed but two men were killed, and 36 (666) people were wounded.

The October 1950 Revolution

On the weekend of October 30, 1950, the Nationalist Party waged a revolution against the United States. Gunfights roared in eight towns. Police stations were burned down. The Republic of Puerto Rico was declared in the town of Jayuya. Assassination attempts were made against Pres. Harry Truman and Governor Luis Muñoz-Marín.

In order to suppress this revolt the U.S. bombed two towns, mobilized 5,000 National Guardsmen, killed dozens of Nationalists, and arrested 3,000 Puerto Ricans. Albizu Campos was arrested and jailed in La Princesa.

A growing body of evidence indicates that, for a number of years in prison, Albizu Campos was subjected to lethal doses of radiation which caused burns and welts all over his body, and caused a cerebral thrombosis in 1957.

Albizu covered his head and body with wet towels in order to shield himself from this radiation. The prison guards ridiculed him and called him the ‘King of the Towels’. The U.S. government declared him insane, and sent a caravan of psychiatrists to prove it. But the physical evidence of Campos’s decay, and the testimony of other prisoners that they had also been irradiated, became difficult to ignore.

Dr. Orlando Damuy, a world-renowned radiologist and president of the Cuban Cancer Association, conclusively found that Albizu has been subjected to TBI (Total Body Irradiation) in prison. The press called for an investigation into the “atomic lynching” of Albizu Campos.

On May 28, 1951, the Cuban House of Representatives formally requested that Albizu be transferred to Cuba, in order to attend to his radiological cure.

On December 19, 1952, Dr Frederic Joliet-Curie, winner of the Nobel Prize for his discovery of “artificial radioactivity,” filed a petition with the United Nations which denounced the torture of Albizu Campos in La Princesa and demanded his extradition to a territory outside of the U.S.

In 1953 the International Writers Congress of Jose Martí sent a letter to President Eisenhower on behalf of Albizu. It was signed by 28 prominent writers, journalists and intellectuals from 11 countries.

All of these were ignored, until Albizu suffered a cerebral thrombosis in La Princesa, which left paralyzed the right side of his body for the rest of his life, and rendered him mute.

Eventually, the U.S. radiation experiments became common knowledge. A woman named Eileen Welsome wrote a book titled the Plutonium Files, a newspaper series called The Plutonium Experiment, and she received the Pulitzer Prize for it. The U.S. Dept. of Energy has admitted to conducting these radiation experiments, and has paid monetary compensation to many of the grieving families.


“Albizu Campos is a symbol of the as yet unfree but indomitable Latin America. Years and years of prison, almost unbearable pressures in jail, mental torture, solitude, total isolation from his people and his family, the insolence of the conqueror and its lackeys in the land of his birth – nothing broke his will.”

(Che Guevara, before the United Nations General Assembly, Dec 11, 1964)

Albizu Campos died on April 21, 1965. The Gov of Puerto Rico and Venezuela commemorated him in both chambers, and observed five minutes of silence in his memory.

The newspaper El Imparcial ran an immediate special edition, with Albizu on the front cover.

Before the burial artists made an alginate mold of Albizu’s face, for the sculptures and statues that would be built in his honor.

Government officials, journalists and friends from every country in Latin America arrived to attend the final services. Before Albizu’s burial on April 25, over 100,000 people passed by his funeral casket.

An honor guard accompanied the funeral casket from the Ateneo Puertorriqueño. The streets of San Juan were lined with 75,000 black ribbons that had been tied to trees, cars, lamp posts, benches and street signs, all the way to the cemetery.

The streets were also filled with mourners, paying their last respects to a fallen hero.

His burial was officiated by Bishop Antulio Parilla and two priests, each representing the three largest cathedrals in Puerto Rico.

On the evening of April 25, 1965, in the Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery in Old San Juan, Pedro Albizu Campos was finally laid to rest.

Remembrance and Legacy

Over the fifty years following his death, parks and plazas have been named after Albizu Campos, all throughout Puerto Rico. Nearly every municipality has a Calle Pedro Albizu Campos (Pedro Albizu Campos Street).  Five public schools were named after him.

In his hometown of Ponce, the Parque Pedro Albizu Campos (Pedro Albizu Campos Park) contains a life-size statue of him, and annual memorial services are held there on his birthday. In the town of Salinas there is a Plaza Monumento Don Pedro Albizu Campos – a plaza and a nine-foot statue dedicated to his memory.

Schools and community centers were also named after Albizu Campos in New York City and Chicago.

Annual parades are held in his honor, both in Puerto Rico and the mainland United States.

Albizu Campos will always be remembered as one of the great patriots in Puerto Rican history – who bravely and eloquently reminded the United States of their own founding principles, and spent 25 years in jail for doing so.

Throughout his entire life, he fought for the improvement of labor conditions for workers and jíbaros (country people), for a more accurate assessment of the colonial relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States, and an awareness by the political establishment in Washington, D.C. of this colonial relationship. His legacy is that of a lifetime of sacrifice – for the building of a Puerto Rican nation.

This article is from 1932 issue of TIME featuring Rhodes letter of extermination of Puerto Ricans.


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